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Sarracenias in production

It is not possible to engage in a breeding program without some material to start with and the scope and nature of that material has a huge impact on the direction and success of the breeders efforts.  I have been fortunate to have had early on some very high quality plants, both species and hybrids, in a wide range of forms and colors.  This allowed me, for better or worse, to evolve my pollinations in several directions at once.  Many of these plants are as worthy of recognition and dissemination as my own creations.  Since they owe their origin to nature or another persons hand and mind I will not seek registration but will name them or number them and release them as propagation allows.  Many more will be listed and pictured here as time allows.


Flava X Oreophila

I am naming this one Doreen's Colossus in honor of the friend who gave me this plant many years ago. This thing is a monster, usually the tallest and always the most massive Sarracenia on the farm. The magnificent pitchers, up to 6" wide, reach their peak early and gradually turn, as they age, from yellow green to a soft orange brown. A vigorous grower that will rapidly multiply to specimen size.

Doreen's Colossus will be available spring 09.

Red leucophylla X minor giant

Here is a very fine cultivar that a friend picked up for me as a seedling from California Carnivores. Tall, vigorous, and very colorful, this plant has participated in many pollinations. It's not real quick to divide so it will take a few years to get the numbers up for introduction.



Odyssey: Probably a primary hybrid of flava with either purp venosa or rosea.

This plant is where it began for me, my terrible burden of Sarracenia lust.
I am so lucky this is not a prosecutable perversion. Elaine gave me this plant before our lives became entangled and I thought it was outright amazing, still do. She got it mail order from an extinct nursery in Florida that was owned by the guy who was made famous as "The Orchid Thief", in the book and movie by that name.
This is a vigorous and very red semi-evergreen hybrid with beautiful pastel pink-grey flowers. I have made more pollinations with Odyssey than with any other Sarracenia. I am very sentimental about this cultivar and am pleased to have enough propagations to send some out in the world this year.

Available spring 09 from The Indoor Sun Shoppe and O'dean's Willow Creek Nursery.


W.C.S. leucophylla X [ psittacina X rubra]

We have sold this cultivar locally under the name W.C. in recognition of receiving it from our friend Karen of Oudean's Willow Creek Nursery. W.C. is a fast clumping medium height white with a slightly incurving growth habit. Prolific and pretty.

Available spring 09 from the Indoor Sun Shoppe and Oudean's Willow Creek Nursery.